Bu-but Diamond Dogs don’t surf!

A small contribution to a few of my favorite diamond dogs, Freckles and Pugor! I hope to expand on this thing in the future.


asktechnowizard replied to your post:holy shoot man i accidentally stumbled on a…

You want some help with story direction?

I appreciate the offer, but I think I’ll be okay! I’m mostly just stuck on the logistics of a few things, like his backstory and how certain things fit into it. uvu I’m thinking of doing a reboot on both Shaky and Teen Dislestia, just so I can start fresh, you know? I miss being part of the ask blog scene, but my confidence has been kinda shot where art’s concerned.

holy shoot man

i accidentally stumbled on a reblog of my blog for one of my ocs, shaky shears, and…actually the art for this isn’t as bad as i remember it being

well that was a nice little confidence booster


This is like a round of cards against humanity

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every time i find new, good discord porn in the tag i feel there’s some good left in the world

do not

i repeat

do not

imagine your favorite character

don’t fucking do it

stop wasting all your time in your own head, dammit, people are worrying about you


fluttershy and rarity going on a date probably…..i never draw pony ppl the same way twice e


I made… more of them……

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You thought I was lying.

Buy them Over here…

(other things besides pillows available, but dang do they look good on pillows)

ask-drunkcelestia said: NEVER FOLD DAMMIT : O i know u can do it ;3; trust me its hard starting out and its gonna be even harder trying to get whats in your head on the paper but you cant give up <3



Trying not to. It’s getting hard.

i believe in you crazy shipping friend <3

Haha, I hope most people think of me as their crazy shipper friend. If not, dammit, I’ve not done my job right.

Thank you for the kind words, Zeff. 

If you're asking about the GotG post, here's an explanation of what it meant.